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Don’t worry, 48% of parents say they struggle. If you are one of the many parents whose children eat little or no vegetables, we are here to help, please read on…

Launch into Veg by Simply Veg from Veg Power is our new online programme specifically designed to help parents whose children eat little or no vegetables. Through a series of online video tutorials and simple steps we’ll help you progress your child from little to no veg to at least one or two vegetables they eat on a regular basis. This programme has been designed by leading nutritionists, chefs, and child psychologists for “veg-resistant” kids. It’s very gentle, and works in small steps to avoid friction and waste.

Each week you can watch a short video featuring many of the UK leading experts, take a short quiz and take on one simple challenge to move one step closer to success.

By the end of the programme we aim for your child to be happily eating one vegetable and then we’ll give you the advice to build on from there.

Claire Wright:
and welcome to the Simply veg program.
This program is aimed at parents and carers with kids who eat little or even no veg. We hope that over the course of the next few weeks, we will show you how to introduce one new vegetable and help them to learn to really enjoy it.
We all know vegetables are important for us and our Children, but many Children don’t actually eat enough. A third of Children don’t even eat one portion a day. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.
Half of parents say they struggle to get their kids eating veg. There is no magic wand, there’s no overnight fix that can make your Children eat more vegetables. It’s going to take a bit of work. But we have aimed to make this course as simple as possible with easy tasks that can be achieved. We’ve got a series of short videos packed full of experts who are here to support you and give you tips through this journey, helping you to get your family eating just a little bit more veg.

program is structured, but you can take it at your own pace. Do it as slowly as you need to and take your time to make sure each step is achieved before you move on to the next one. By the end of the program, we aim for your child to be eating one more vegetable and we’ll give you advice on how to build on from there so that we can increase the amount to register.

Now, please click on the link below.

Let’s get started!

What parents say…

The games have helped encourage my son to eat more veg and I can’t thank this scheme enough.

Really useful info, quick and easy to read.

Great hints, tips and advice available.

Great ideas that are fun for both children & adults alike.

Fantastic way to support my kids to eat more vegetables thank you.

Great information without having you gag on a carrot.

Super site so much to do!

So many recipes that are delicious and my children actually eat.

My kids are hard work but with your advice I am getting there.

Highly recommend Simply Veg my 4 children love them and as they say Happy kids, Happy mum! 😍

Simply Veg has helped me with creative ideas to incorporate vegetables in my children’s diet.

Excellent advice and helpful hints and tips, recommended.

Would recommend to everyone, just perfect every time 🤗

A very unique way of introducing your child to the vast range of vegetables that are available.

Regular emails with great ideas set out in small steps that makes change manageable.

It helped my daughter improve her range of fruit and vegetables.

Brilliant and super helpful.

Great way to get kids to eat more veg. Very child friendly.